ZiiGaat Nuo High Performance 10mm LCP Dynamic Driver IEM

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Advanced Liquid Crystal Polymer Dynamic Driver

The Nuo was designed to be an all-purpose IEM that can perform at professional standards while being efficient enough to be driven by any device. We have manufactured an in-house 10mm Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm, which provides excellent driver responsivity and audio resolution. Powered by strong Neodymium magnets, our LCP driver provides full dynamic range extension from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, allowing the lowest of sub-bass and the sparkle of ultra-treble to be clearly heard. Housed in a custom-designed acoustic chamber, the Nuo delivers a wide soundstage with professional level stereo imaging capabilities for a life-like listening experience. 

Balanced Tonality

A professional sound means more than just great technical potential - it must have a balanced and natural tonality. Great attention has been given to tune the 10mm LCP dynamic driver by  modifying both internal and external acoustic cavities, as well as driver resistance in order to fit our target tuning profile. The Nuo has a resoundingly impactful sub-bass performance, with a robust low-mid transition, which is perfect for any genre of music. The mids have a natural balance that is rich and well-textured for lush vocal and instrument performances. The treble has been carefully tuned to fit the tonal sensitivity of the ear, by profiling it according to human perception curvatures. The treble is clear and detailed, but maintained at a suitable level as not to cause any sensitivity or discomfort. Finally, the ultra-treble extension provides an airy atmosphere that enhances the perceived audio resolution as well as the soundstage. 

Ergonomic Design for Stable Wear

Based on ergonomic design, the Nuo earphone has a supreme wearing experience for a long time wearing with superior noise canceling function. 

About ZiiGaat

While the world enjoyed high-end audio quality, there has been a silent team behind many of today’s most popular and praised audio devices. ZiiGaat has been developing OEM and ODM products for numerous global audio brands for over a decade. We wished to take our technological innovations and passion for audio to new heights by launching our own independent brand. By becoming our own brand, we can finally freely experiment and share our work without restrictions. We aim to be more than just an audio brand; we seek to be a tech team that can work closely with the audio community to make better products for all of us. Each ZiiGaat member is passionate for music and best-in-class audio resolution, and we are on a mission to help people rediscover their music like never before.
The name ZiiGaat is an acronym derived from our core values: Zero-in on Ideas, Innovate, Grow and Achieve All Together. We are committed to delivering audio solutions that fits the needs of every user, regardless of your musical preference, audiophile experience, or usage case. We welcome all suggestions and collaborations from the community! If you yearn to turn your musical dreams into reality, we welcome you to get in touch with us. We will work together to co-create unique audio solutions that can better explore the world of music. 

Mission: Our mission is to harness the synergy of technology and music. We will empower creators from all walks of life to realize their unique audio dreams. At ZiiGaat, we endeavor to bridge the gap between imagination and tangible innovation, ensuring every note resonates with precision, passion, and purpose. 

Vision: Our vision is to be the world’s leading brand in collaborative audio solutions. We aim to lead innovations in audio products by merging technological expertise, timeless craftsmanship, and R&D vision. We will pave a path for customized audio solutions for all audiences.  

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